Day #300 – Life Aboard a Boat, Part 1

This is a momentous occasion—300 days on the trail, the waterway trail that is! I find this hard to believe unless I look at my journal or calendar and see verification for myself. 300 days, 4848 miles, 16 states + Canada, and too many waterways to mention. What a whirlwind experience (wild ride) we have had throughout the entire 300 days! Still seems impossible to believe that we are ¾ done with the trip. In some ways, it feels as though we have just begun, and in other ways, it feels like we’ve lived aboard Sanctuary for much longer.        

I am working on a job description for First Mate. Requirements needed for this position is quite extensive so it may be awhile before the list is complete. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Strong physical endurance most helpful. Ability to withstand sweltering heat and humidity, pelting rain, storms and cool temperatures. May occur within the same day. A strong internal constitution when encounter foreign water and foods. Ability to walk a lot, coordination in riding a bicycle, climbing in and out of a dinghy, and stepping many steps, tying knots, lassoing cleats/posts/rings in anticipation of docking
  • Excellent balance and no fear of the water or motion sickness prone—a definite plus!
  • Ability to tolerate long periods without family or friends you left behind. The flip side: you will meet many wonderful people along the way who share your trip with you off and on during  the 6000+ miles.
  • Days of isolation in tight quarters; other days you’ll be overwhelmed by people everywhere with no where to retreat.
  • Every day is different for approximately the next 365 days. No two days are the same even if you remain in the same anchorage, marina, or mooring ball.

Let’s pause for a moment.

  • Is God showing you a new door to open in your life today? Maybe an adventure in the making.
  • What do you suppose He is preparing you to encounter or withstand in the near future? Be brave and ask Him.

In Part 2, we will consider useful skills to carry along for the trip ahead.



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