This week’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: LOYAL            

Loyal. When I think of the word loyal, I hope that other people think of me as loyal. I consider loyal to be a person who sticks to their word; doesn’t hedge or change their mind mid-stream. This person can be counted on when the chips are down, and you need a helping hand. Maybe they would help physically or emotionally. Sometimes it means praying for that person or their circumstance. Being present physically when they need you most.

I have a few loyal friends and family members. Those whom I can count on with words of encouragement, someone who “has my back.” When I need to cry, explode, or just plain vent, these gals will listen. Even if they’re in the middle of something else, they are there for me. If not in person, then on the phone talking or e-mail or text message. They aren’t too busy for me or ask me to call back another time. Available. Honest. Sincere. Accountability. And Wisdom. These are special quality traits I find in my loyal friends and family members. What separates these individuals from the rest of my world. My go-to buddies. Sure wouldn’t want to go through life without them! Thanking God that they are here for me.


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