5-Minute Friday

the word’s: RUSH. Go …

RUSH here. Rush there. RUSH everywhere. Never felt more aware of the term RUSH than during this month of the year. December should conjure up scenes of happiness, joy, peace, but it really doesn’t at least not for me. I need to work on this. God and I need to work on this together. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

My life coach, Darlene, suggests: Simplify Christmas. Simplify Life. I try to cram too much in too small of a space. Results: sorrow, unrest, grief, regrets, and even anger. I’m guessing you feel the same way too. This is no way to live a life. Particularly in this season of love, grace and mercy. A season that our Heavenly Father chose to send His only son to come to earth, be born in a lowly manager, live and serve among humankind, die a horrible death on a cross for you & me. This month of all months should be a grateful, kind, and looked forward to (not dreaded) event of the entire year!

Lord, guide me/us to what needs to be done, what can wait/be deleted, and what is the best for my life, my reader’s, and their loved ones lives too.

We love you, Lord Jesus.

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2 Responses to Rush

  1. Here in cancer’s final winter,
    I need to simplify my days,
    turn a forest to a splinter,
    keeping only that which pays.
    But there are other values crying
    for attention: “Don’t cut ME!”
    They are no fools, and are implying
    that they are part of destiny.
    It does seem that the complex fable
    of my life has many twists,
    and that the culling-table’s
    a temptation to resist.
    I’ll therefore keep this crowded time;
    not productive, but it’s mine.

    • teresaklasher says:

      Andrew, thank you for sharing with me and us your poem. I’ve known many with cancer. with or without cancer, you are spot on when you say: I need to simplify my days. great reminder to us all!

      blessings to you, my friend.

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