One Wild & Crazy Night!








The day began rather normally. I worked at home revising a book proposal…let’s see, I’m on my 17th revision now. Late afternoon came and right in the middle of formulating an email to an editor, ZAP!!  There were no more words on my screen, all six of my opened windows in Word vanished, and the screen went blank.

Well, this is not good I thought to myself! I looked out my window and saw no one or nothing out of the ordinary. It had rained earlier, but no thunder or lightening. I stepped out on my deck, and sure enough, our fountain that normally sprays forth water from our pond was dead. Six foot tall + Duane was headed over to Harv’s condo to commiserate—so I knew I wasn’t the only one without power.

 A quick conference with my husband who was working in his office and it was decided: we just HAD to eat out for dinner!  After all, no power meant no stove/oven or microwave. We grabbed our jackets, disabled the electric garage door opener, and headed out for Subway where we proceeded to split a $5 foot long (I know…big spenders!) We did opt for a bag of chips, and he bought a soda.

Back home, and Steve prepared for his final photography class presentation, and I for listening to Anne Lamont (author of “Bird by Bird, some instructions on writing and life,” and 11 other books).

My sister-in-law and I traveled to the Grant Fine Arts auditorium and heard Anne speak and answer questions. The evening was underwritten by the fine arts organization and other fine people!  What a treat + refreshments served afterwards with Anne signing books.  Yeah! I brought two of her books I’d already purchased and read—so, I spoke with her and she signed my books!!

Anne talked about grace. Grace meets you where you are at and doesn’t leave you where you were found. She recently became a grandmother for the first time—her only son, Sam now has a little boy. I’ll be sharing more about her talk in future blogs – it was nearly a sell-out crowd of nearly 800! Great representation—way to go West Michigan!

What a wonderful way to end the evening…my sister and I chatted on the way home and we stayed up till nearly 11 pm!  

Adrenaline-packed & fun day to be sure!


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