Day in ER


       Yesterday I found out again just how complex and wonderful our human bodies were created. The ER waiting room filled and emptied many times while my friend and I waited “my turn.” Of course, ambulatory people took precedence over walk-ins. Some experienced heart attacks while others had been involved in serious automobile accidents. Many were in worse shape than me—yet it always came back to “what about me, and when is it going to be my turn?”

     Physicians, RNs, and varied medical staff examined this piece of me and that. They poked and pricked me for hours in our local hospital ER—only to arrive at the conclusion that no one really knows the reason for my chronic diarrhea for the past three weeks. They were able to determine what I did not have (for which I was thankful.)  My jovial nurse, Carol, hooked me up with potassium with electrolyte IVs to replenish lost hydration. Among my discharge information included an advisory to make an appointment with a GI to “dig deeper” to determine the source of my problem.

            Our bodies are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. And when you think about it—man had absolutely nothing to do with the creation process. So any revelation regarding my human flesh inner workings is indeed a miracle and a gift from God!

            I’m bummed about missing the Cedar Falls Writers Conference in Iowa, and having to postpone our motorcycle trip out west, but all happened for a reason. In the meantime, I am now hydrated and on the pursuit for the cause of my diarrhea because no one is sure at this point. This quest is my prime directive at this point in my life.


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