A teabag named “Calm”


Storms, lightening, and thunder roared overhead part of the night and into the morning daylight hours.  It’s this type of morning that I care not to rise and shine (remember the song, “Rise and Shine and give God the glory, glory…”) I’d be content to lie there, thinking, dreaming, and then fall back asleep again.  And I did just that for a time, but now I rise (I’m not saying I feel the “shine” part of the song my mom used to sing to me.)

          Since today is Saturday, my hubby and I have no place to be in particular (which is a good thing!)  Our discussion revolved around, “What shall we do for breakfast?” Either one of us can cook, or we can both go out to eat and let someone else do the cooking and the cleaning.  Let me tell you a secret:  going out to eat for breakfast is my absolutely favorite meal to eat out!  Plus, I thoroughly enjoy someone else making a meal and cleaning it up.

           So go OUT for breakfast we did.  We ended up at Toast ‘N Jams, one of my favorite restaurants in Muskegon, Michigan. I didn’t feel like coffee, so I asked to see their selection of teas.  And what a treat I found in a Tazo® tea named “Calm.”  The description on the package reads, “herbal infusion—a comforting blend of chamomile, rose petals & soothing herbs.”  The taste was indeed delightful while the soothing hot liquid calms my weary-edged nerves from the night before.  Somehow the turmoil of the night disappears and peaceful, calm thoughts now invade my being.  My hubby and I are here together, alone.  We survived the night, and the world seems right now.

            Maybe that’s bit what David writes about in Psalms 131.  He reminds me not to be concerned with elements I cannot begin to control anyway.  Basically, that effort is wasted.   I cannot do anything about those matters.  The only person I can control is my own thoughts and actions.  Controlling my thoughts and actions is a full-time job.  God speaks calm and peace to me—I just need to take the time to be still and listen. Then I am blessed beyond measure!

I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me.  But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me.” (Psalms 131:1-2)


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