Three Sleeps Before Christmas

“Fear not for I have redeemed thee, I have called Thee by name; thou art mine,” Isaiah 43:1

Maybe like me, your Christmas holiday plans are not going as expected. I’ve been in physical therapy since October trying to help mend some worn body parts. Hubby Steve tested positive for Covid Christmas week and is really sick. This obviously put a kibosh on being with family and friends. No shared food or gift giving for now.

He’s stuck with me and our dog Skipper. We’re stuck with each other in a COLD climate with a winter stay-at-home blizzard approaching.

My expectations. My thoughts. My ways. Notice all the “My’s” in this paragraph? I keep saying, “Your will, God; not mine.” If I’m being honest, I still want My way and My expectations fulfilled. Forgive me, Lord!

A long-distance friend wrote that it will be a “Silent Night Christmas for us.” Another friend wrote, “Peace. Quiet. Serenity.”

Not the thought that came to my finite brain cells. More like: Really? At Christmas? This can’t be! Big-time Bummer. Waiting to see how it all turns out is more nerve racking.

I shared with a friend how I woke early with thoughts of a story. I propped myself up in bed with my heating pad on my neck and shoulders and penned some words. She suggested that this book idea is “for such a time as this. Maybe this time of pain and suffering the Lord will use to grow you and so many of your loyal readers into being more like Him…believe the best rather than assume the worst. I’ll be praying.”

She also quoted an older man from her church who’s known for saying, “The Lord knows.” All these up-in-the-air decisions, celebration gatherings, physical and mental anguish, broken and failed relationships—the Lord knows. In fact, He knew about all of these areas of our life long ago. My part is to trust and believe He’s working all these things out for my best. He knows and cares.

That’s another thing I love about my friends. They’re honest, loyal, and not afraid to point me to the Light, my Saviour. Isaiah 43:1 is a great reminder, to fear not for I am redeemed. He knows me on a first name basis. I am His and He is mine. What more do I need?

How about you? Do you fear certain things especially this time of year? Can you call on the Great I am, God, to rescue you from those fears? There’s no better time than now to say, “Here I am, Lord. I believe in You and want you to be my redeemer-friend-Saviour.” It’s as simple as that.  

post by Teresa K. Lasher, author of:

The Child becomes The Parent: Coping with Grief” and “Life is: Good, Fragile, and Precious–Loving yourself so you can love others

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